Ivan Wood


"I make kinetic sculptures for multiple reasons. Primarily I do it because I am an engineer and love such mechanisms. I like to go beyond practical inventions and address the philosophical and aesthetic themes. Most importantly all of

my kinetic sculptures are powered solely through spring mechanisms, no hidden motors or batteries."

Ivan Poddubniy aka. Ivan Wood is based in Yalta, Crimea. He got a degree in engineering at the Novorossiysk Higher Engineering Maritime College. He customizes his own tools to make his creations. He has a strong conceptual skills and endless amounts of ideas for the realization of which he dedicates his life. Most of his sculptures are sold around Ukraine and Russia while many have traveled to Europe, Argentina, Japan, USA, etc.



The art we sell is a one-of-a-kind spectacle brought to your home, office, or place of business. Our aim is to enrich your home or office interior with unique objects that will impress your visitors. 

Our art objects are handcrafted and created using the latest technology but still retain elements of basic technology such as windup and gravity-based mechanisms.

They make successful interior design decor that attracts viewers and can serve as unforgettable corporate gifts. 


Our online shop showcases a broad range of art objects. Although they are based on scientific laws each and every product is also a piece of art. Each element is carefully designed and crafted in harmony with other parts to create unique and innovative art objects that add a kinetic accent to any interior. After all kinetic art is best to be experienced in person. 


Every one of our art objects is also a scientific contraption. We don’t aim to keep secrets about the way each mechanism works, therefore each piece is made as an open mechanism and follows basic laws of physics. Many pieces are kinetic sculptures, unique clocks, wind up mechanisms, and other objects that strictly do not contain any electronic components or batteries. Because wind up mechanisms require a little human touch in order to work, the owner becomes another master of the piece. Therefore these art objects will never be a useless piece of interior decor nor a gift that's been abandoned.


Unforgettable unique gifts are often hard to come by. Work by our artist is not just a gift that will end up in the attic but will constantly be an object of conversation and interaction. The motion and design are guaranteed to turn heads and induce curiosity from your recipient’s visitors whether it's your boss, friend, or spouse. Upon request we can add a personal touch to your gift with custom engravings and quality gift packaging. We take custom orders where you become part of creating a personalized gift that best fits with the recipient’s interests or type of business. When ordering you can choose to have your sculpture packaged in a gift box (shown on product pages and to the right). Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, these art objects are meant to strengthen relationships and bring about new connections as much as add sophisticated decor to any interior.


Masha Khoruzhik

Sales Manager, Art Director


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