You can order in stock, on demand, and custom made products. For on demand and custom made products you will be asked to fill out an inquiry form on that product’s description page. That form does not commit you to the order. After we have received your inquiry we will send you shipment information and lead time followed by an invoice. On demand products and custom made orders will require a deposit charge of 10% of the full price before the product can be made. You can fill out an inquiry form on the contact page or by contacting us directly through email.

What is the ordering process like?
Will my product
look the same as the
images displayed on your website?

While we make every effort to represent the "true" look of all our products on our website we cannot take into account the various qualities of natural wood. Many of our products use natural materials which are subject to variation in color, tonality, shade, flow, veining, grain, spotting and texture resulting in "normal" variances but we apply strict quality control to ensure as consistent a finished look as possible to all our products.

How long
is lead time?

In-stock products are shipped immediately after payment. For on demand orders the maximum lead time is 8 weeks, but if you have a custom order it may take longer. For special situations we will work with you to accommodate as best we can depending on where we are in the production schedule. We will do our best to inform you of your exact lead time at time of order.

May I expedite
my order?

Certainly, but there will be a fee of

10-25% for rush orders.

What is the payment
process like?

All in stock item orders are processed online. Upon checkout you will be able to use Credit/Debit or PayPal. You will receive an email when we receive, process, and ship your order. 


For on demand and custom made items we will send an invoice through the Wave app, a secure online transaction source, immediately after reviewing your inquiry and sending shipping information. Wave accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. On demand products will require a deposit charge of 10% of the full price before the product is made. When the product is ready to be shipped another invoice is sent for the rest of the cost.

What is
the shipping process like?

Most sculptures are shipped via regular shipping companies including FedEx and UPS. Shipping is included in the price unless you choose Rush Shipping, in which case the fee is 80$. In stock items are usually shipped within 24hrs and take 5-10 days in transit. Out of stock items can take 20-45 days to arrive.

Do the products come assembled?

The items are shipped in parts. However, each box comes with detailed instructions on how to assemble the piece. In the case of wall pieces, hardware for hanging will be provided.

How are the products packaged?


All sculptures are safely packaged using custom-cut foam that holds all parts in place. If you choose to have your order packed in a gift box (for additional cost) the gift box will be shipped inside a regular cushioned shipping box. Safe travels guaranteed!

Do you ship

No, only US and Canada.

How do I care
for the products?

Apart from frequent winding there isn’t much that is needed to be done. Since most of our products are made from wood, the location should retain low humidity levels to prevent warping. Pieces should not be stored horizontally for long periods of time. If the piece is stored, it should have padding in between the parts. For dusting a damp cloth or a feather duster should be used. Pieces with leather should be cared for with leather products.


You can ask us any other questions

on our Contact page.